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  Access Control and Door Entry Systems
Diamond Security (UK) Ltd offers a wide range of products from simple door entry system to full access control systems to meet individual customer requirements.

We can design systems to ensure staff, are able to enter dedicated areas of the premises, while other key areas may be limited to the number of employees who may gain access for reason of security.

Diamond Security (UK) Ltd has a wide range of door entry systems including video entry for a single property

Diamond Security (UK) Ltd can offer solutions for all types of applications allowing its client the choice
Code Lock
Very simple systems , key in the correct code and turn the handle. No batteries required.

Electronic code lock
Similar to the mechanical code lock but in electronic form.
Users key in a valid code on the electronic keypad to gain entry. (Runs on batteries.)

Network access control
Allows large premises to restrict access to different user levels. Available in code, proximity or code & proximity. Can be networked with computer for easy management and print outs.

Video & audio door entry
Allows person to be seen on handset before allowing entry at a push of a button with added convenience of two way speech. Can be combined with keypad or proximity key to allow users with valid code to enter without having to ask to be allowed in.

Office & Hotel Locking.
Electronic card reader running on batteries eliminating the need to run wires between systems. Users are allowed entry once they present a valid card. This card can be programmed to expire - and replaced if lost for a very low cost. Ideal for visitors or hotel guests.

Diamond Security Protection for the important things in life

We are so confident of our design and installations that we are able to offer a two year parts and labour guarantee subject to a maintenance contract being in place to meet the requirements of the British Standards and Third Party Accreditation Bodies. Under the Diamond Security (UK) Ltd guarantee, we reserve the right to alter, change, and replace any equipment at our discretion we believe is unsuitable for the purpose, while maintaining the integrity of the system and its design to ensure full compliance with the relevant standards, at no additional cost to the client.

Diamond Security (UK) Ltd is accredited by SSAIB.
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