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With companies having to protect their employees who are working on site alone, Diamond Security (UK) Ltd has the solution to enable some protection for your staff.
Identicom is the result of two years’ research into the issues faced by lone working individuals and in gaining an understanding of the needs of their employers. Identicom is simple to use, extremely effective and most importantly is always there for the worker.
Deliberately designed to look and feel like a normal identity (ID) cardholder, you are assured that Identicom is always with the worker and within immediate reach should an issue arise. Identicom uses mobile phone technology but unlike a phone can be activated in a discreet fashion thereby ensuring no suspicion is raised. Trying to use a mobile phone to raise an alarm can often exacerbate an already difficult situation and may even be the spark that creates a flashpoint.


Once activated Identicom can open a call to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) where the call can be managed, recorded, listened to and if necessary escalated with an immediate response. Identicom can also trigger text messages to automatically be sent directly to colleagues.
Like ID, Identicom is worn either in landscape or portrait mode on a lanyard or by using a label clip. This ensures that irrespective of whether a worker has removed their coat or jacket and put their bag down, Identicom is still with them – at all times. The lanyard hides a clever ‘rip alarm’, should Identicom be forcibly removed from the wearer then an alarm is automatically triggered.
Identicom will accept any industry sized ID card and can therefore be easily introduced into an organisation. If staff are already accustomed to carrying an ID card for proof of identity or for access around their working environment then Identicom causes no concerns and is unlikely to be forgotten.
Identicom is the definitive lone worker protection device for those facing the threat of verbal or physical abuse during their working day.

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We are so confident of our design and installations that we are able to offer a two year parts and labour guarantee subject to a maintenance contract being in place to meet the requirements of the British Standards and Third Party Accreditation Bodies. Under the Diamond Security (UK) Ltd guarantee, we reserve the right to alter, change, and replace any equipment at our discretion we believe is unsuitable for the purpose, while maintaining the integrity of the system and its design to ensure full compliance with the relevant standards, at no additional cost to the client.

Diamond Security (UK) Ltd is accredited by SSAIB.
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